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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Seafood & the Food System, Reducing Food Waste, Food Animal Production

Atlantic Salmon in the Norwegian Fjords

With more than a thousand fjords, Norway is the world’s leading producer of farm-raised Atlantic salmon. The CLF team is investigating resource use in the country's aquaculture operations.

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Seafood & the Food System, Reducing Food Waste, Food Animal Production

Pangasius Farming on the Mekong River

The research team aims to help Pangasius farmers become more energy- and water-efficient, reduce waste and increase profits and stewardship.

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Food Policy & Governance

Food Councils Connect People, Share Knowledge, Empower Change

Successes in food policy work can make a big difference, from empowering urban farmers to putting food recovery plans into action. But policy work can lack glitz. And when the successes happen, they’re often a long time in materializing.

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Food System Change in Baltimore

Cafeteria Managers Dive Deep into Food Systems Thinking

CLF’s high school curriculum, FoodSpan, helped cafeteria managers get a chance to step back and think about food systems as a whole.

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Food Equity, Strengthening Food System Resilience, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

CLF’s 9th Dodge Lecturer Vandana Shiva: Sustainable Local Food is Imperative

Dr. Shiva discussed the importance of local food sovereignty – local control of food production, and thus local control of soil health and nutrition.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Food Animal Production

New York Town Goes Meatless, Wants to Do It Again

Judging from the CLF survey results, it does seem that an impressive number of residents are more aware of the carbon footprint of meat, as a result of the initiative.

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Food System Change in Baltimore, Food Systems & Urbanization

Enlightenment at the Food System Lab

“Before I started at the Center for a Livable Future,” says Kenai McFadden, “I didn’t even know what a food system is.”

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Food Equity, Food System Change in Baltimore

FoodSpan in the Classroom: Teaching the Hunger Gap at Patterson High School

Teachers engaged nursing and pharmacy tech students in discussions about people who are most likely to experience food insecurity.

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Reducing Food Waste, Strengthening Food System Resilience

Food Lost on the Farm: Empirical Data and Good Ideas

Compensation for farmers is essential to reducing on-farm losses.

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Food Animal Production, Food Policy & Governance

Is Iowa Gaining Traction against the Hog Industry?

People working to push back on Iowa’s hog confinement industry have finally found a few notes that resonate on a large scale.

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