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Polly Walker Ecology Fund Lecture

The Polly Walker Ecology Fund was established at the Center in November 2008 to honor Polly Walker, CLF’s first Associate Director, and to increase our understanding and application of the essential ecological perspective first promoted by Sir Albert Howard in 1939: “The whole problem of health in soil, plant, animal, and man is one great subject.”

The Fund supports bringing distinguished ecologists to the Center for a Livable Future and Johns Hopkins University, enables students at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to conduct research projects and advocacy activities focusing on ecologic issues, and supports faculty in exploring new dimensions of the ecology of soils, water and air that advance the mission of the Center. The Polly Walker Ecology Fund is supported by an anonymous donor and longtime friend of the Center.

Alessandro Demaio

Energize: An Ecological Approach to Growing a Food, Climate & Health Movement

Alessandro Demaio
October 23, 2019

Growing Plants, Growing People

Growing Plants, Growing People

Cathrine Sneed
May 3, 2018

Baltimore’s Food Landscape

Baltimore’s Food Landscape: An Ecology of Plants, People and Policy

June 13, 2017

Public Health in Action

Public Health in Action: Stories from the Local Food System

Tom Pelton, Carole Morison, Holly Freishtat, Joyce Smith, and Rev. Dr. Heber Brown III
April 28, 2016

Robert K. Musil

Distinguished Women in Environmental Health Sciences

Robert K. Musil
April 11, 2014

rik Assadourian

Is Sustainability Still Possible? (Flyer)

Erik Assadourian
September 24, 2013

Francis Thicke

Greener Pastures: A Vision for Healthy Farming

Francis Thicke
October 24, 2012