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Projects within the Center for a Livable Future seek to answer questions and find solutions that support a healthy, equitable and resilient food system.

Active Projects

Baltimore City’s Food Environment

Research and analysis using GIS technology to identify gaps and opportunities in Baltimore City’s food environment.

CLF and the Food Systems Response to Covid-19

The Center is deeply concerned about how the pandemic has affected food security, food access, food production, food service work and many more aspects of the food system.

Climate Change and Food Systems

The Center is involved in climate change conversations and convenings around the world, such as The Conference of Parties, The Global Climate Action Summit, The EAT conference and more.

Food Citizen

An ongoing public opinion research project that gathers information about perceptions and attitudes toward food production.

Food Policy Networks

A project dedicated to supporting the development of effective state and local food policy. 

Food System Lab @ Cylburn

An urban teaching farm in Baltimore City, operating on the grounds of the Cylburn Arboretum.

Food System Resilience

Using research, policy, and education to examine food systems' responses to crises.

Food Waste

Generating evidence that makes a meaningful contribution to the US goal of halving waste of food by 2030. 

Industrial Food Animal Production

Engaging in work focused on issues related to the production of meat, dairy, and eggs.

Meatless Monday Technical Assistance

The Center provides technical assistance and serves as a science advisor to the national Meatless Monday campaign.

Seafood, Public Health & Food Systems

Increasing public health professionals’ involvement with aquaculture through research, technical assistance, and education.

Seafood Waste & Resource Use

This study aims to understand the best opportunities for resource savings in seafood.

True Cost of Food

An investigation into externalities associated with the current food system, also known as "true cost accounting."

Urban Agriculture

Engagement in several endeavors concerning urban agriculture, including original research, the creation of reports and aggregation of policy and legislation.