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Center for a Livable Future

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future—working toward a healthy, equitable, resilient food system from within the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering.

Stories and Viewpoints

Jay Naidoo on Today’s Challenges: Ecology Must be at the Center

A South African anti-apartheid activist discusses agriculture, changing consciousness, and learning joy.

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Jess Fanzo on Sustainable Diets: It’s Not Just a Fantasy

A Johns Hopkins food systems researcher discusses climate change and the planetary health diet.

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Food Security in the Time of Covid: It’s Not Charity, It’s Justice

The pandemic is new to us, but the virus is drawing our attention to long-existing problems in our food systems, and exacerbating them.

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Emergency Covid Food Policies: Can They Become Permanent Reform?

Emergency food security funding could lead to more lasting, broad-reaching reform once life returns to normal.

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CLF-Lerner Fellowships

Established in 2003, the goal of the Center for a Livable Future-Lerner Fellowship Program is to support doctoral students at the Johns Hopkins University.

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Other Education Resources


A downloadable curriculum that provides high school teachers with lesson plans relating to food system issues.

Free Online Courses

“An Introduction to the US Food System: Perspectives from Public Health,” offered through the University’s partnership with Coursera.