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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Strengthening Food System Resilience

Favorite Foods: Reshaping the Resilience Conversation

By asking ourselves what foods we can’t live without, and then imagining a world without them, we can form a more constructive dialogue about both sustainability and resilience.

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Food Animal Production, Food Policy & Governance

In Annapolis Policymakers Claim to Protect Farmers, Protect Bay

The Farmers’ Rights Act would help Maryland lawmakers take meaningful steps toward protecting the region’s contract growers.

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Food Systems & Climate Change

A View from the COP21 Sidelines

If our world leaders think we will solve all of the problems we are already – and will increasingly be – experiencing as a result of climate change with simple public education or eco-tree benches, they’re delusional.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Food Systems & Climate Change

Meat, Paris, and Next Steps

According to the UN, livestock production is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Food Animal Production, Food Policy & Governance

We Need to Collect Data about Antibiotics Used on Farms

With these data, we could examine how use changes over time and identify patterns that could ultimately drive research into recurrent disease risks

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Food Policy & Governance

Talent at the Table: Making the Most of Your Food Policy Council

Engagement starts with “hello.”

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Reducing Food Waste

Reducing Food Waste and Setting the Table for All

Every year the soup kitchen at the Franciscan Center of Baltimore serves 100,000 meals and donates 8,000 bags of groceries to the hungry.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Reducing Food Waste

What Restaurants Can Teach Us about Reducing Food Waste

Barber turned pulp from a juice bar into a veggie burger and the spent grains from a brewery into bread.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Food Systems & Urbanization

Foraging for Hidden Harvests

The roots of Queen Anne’s lace, a popular wild plant found growing in backyards and roadsides, are edible; they taste a little like carrots.

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Seafood & the Food System

CLF Brings Public Health Perspective to Aquaculture Conference

Most consumers want to eat seafood that is healthy and produced responsibly.

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