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Resources for Johns Hopkins students

The Center for a Livable Future provides education and academic training rooted in food systems thinking for students of the Johns Hopkins University. The Center does this through coursework, practica, a certificate program, an MPH concentration, fellowships, networking opportunities and mentorship of students and professionals focused on the intersection of food sys­tems and public health.

Resources for teachers and students of all ages

The Center strives to support teachers and learners beyond the traditional university classroom. We raise awareness about food system issues through free courses, a textbook, lesson plans for teachers and more.


FoodSpan in the Classroom: Teaching the Hunger Gap at Patterson High School

Instructors asked: Should universal school breakfast programs be expanded with additional funding?

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Enlightenment in the Food System Lab

“Before I started at the Center for a Livable Future,” says Kenai McFadden, “I didn’t even know what a food system is.”

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Learning First-Hand about Urban Food Environments

One of the class tours takes place at Whitelock Farm, a small urban farm that grows produce and sells it at community farmstands.

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