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LogoUS consumers enjoy access to a veritable cornucopia of meat. We consume an annual average of more than 220 pounds of chicken, pork, and beef per person—one of the highest rates of carnivory in history. What makes it possible is a factory model of meat production that took root in Midwestern stockyards in the late 19th century and bloomed after World War II. For decades, the transnational meatpacking giants that dominate US production have been exporting this model to countries across the globe.But it's not all about just widely available burgers, tacos, and nuggets. What are the model's downsides—the impacts on communities, workers, ecosystems, and public health? Are there better ways to farm animals and provide meat? In Unconfined Podcast, veteran meat industry observers and CLF staffers Tom Philpott and Christine Grillo dig into those questions, interviewing the researchers, community organizers, journalists, and farmers documenting or experiencing the ills of our dominant mode of meat agriculture—and those who are exploring alternatives.  Read the CLF announcement here.

Episodes are available for listening on Apple, Spotify, and CLF’s YouTube channel. Listeners who would like to receive the Unconfined newsletter in their inbox every time there’s a new episode can subscribe here.


Sherri Williamson

Sherri White-Williamson

Living amid hog CAFOs—now with methane digesters attached 

Episode 1 of Unconfined, the podcast about industrial meat production and its alternatives

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