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Food Policy & Governance

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future engages in research, policy analysis and technical assistance to advance food system change in local, tribal, institutional, state, federal and international policy. We build the capacity of partner organizations and food policy councils to advocate for a healthy, equitable, resilient and sustainable food system.

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Stories and Viewpoints


True Cost of Food

An investigation into externalities associated with the current food system, also known as "true cost accounting."

Food System Resilience

Our Food System Resilience Project aims to use research, policy and education to make sure that food systems can provide safe, nutritious, accessible food despite climate change and other threats.

Food Policy Networks

The FPN project aims to build the capacity of local, state, regional, and tribal food systems councils, national organizations, and other groups interested in improving the food system.

Public Support for Food Sustainability

Our 2016 public opinion survey showed that American voters care about food sustainability.

Maryland Supports Poultry Industry Reform

Our 2016 survey of Maryland voters found broad support for reforms to the poultry industry.


Explore Other Areas of Expertise

Food Animal Production

Applying a public health lens to the impacts of animal production methods on rural communities, consumers, ecosystems, and animal welfare.

Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Exploring connections between diet, land use, soil health, air and water quality, biodiversity, and human health.

Food Equity

Exploring the causes of food insecurity, inequity and poor access on communities.