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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

What we eat and how we produce it have significant effects on ecosystems beyond climate change, affecting land use, soil health, air and water quality, biodiversity, and, by virtue of these, human health. The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future explores these connections and provides scientific advice on shifting toward diets that better align with public health and ecological goals through programs such as Meatless Monday, as well as research in modeling, policy and communications.

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Stories and Viewpoints


True Cost of Food

An investigation into externalities associated with the current food system, also known as "true cost accounting."

Technical and Scientific Resource to Meatless Monday

The Center provides technical assistance and serves as a science advisor to the national Meatless Monday campaign.

Industrial Food Animal Production

Engaging in work focused on issues related to the production of meat, dairy and eggs.


Explore Other Areas of Expertise

Food Systems & Climate Change

Exploring solutions and the role of the food system in slowing down and adapting to climate change.

Strengthening Food System Resilience

Deploying research, policy and education to help food systems withstand and recover from crises and ensure a supply of safe, accessible food.

Food Equity

Exploring the causes of food insecurity, inequity and poor access on communities.