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Viewpoints features essays and interviews by the Center for a Livable Future’s staff, faculty, fellows and other affiliates. These opinions are opinions—not  representations of the Center’s priorities, activities or stances.


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Food Animal Production, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Food Trends to Make an Impact in 2019

The big climate solutions rest in the hands of policymakers and industry—but there’s a lot consumers can do.

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Joyce Smith, 1952 – 2018

The Baltimore food community will deeply miss one of its most passionate members.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Dear Environmentalists—Let’s Embrace Both Individual and Systemic Change

Ignoring your own role in the problem undermines your credibility—for example, traveling by plane.

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Ajax Eastman, Wildlands Warrior, 1933 – 2018

Ajax Eastman worked tirelessly—without pay—for environmental issues, especially the establishment of wildands in Maryland.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

How a World War I Rationing Program Could be Cause for Thanks This Holiday Season

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Meatless Monday movement.

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Reducing Food Waste

Food … Don’t Waste It

Food waste is both an ethical and environmental issue.

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Food Policy & Governance, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Reducing Food Waste

Wartime Rationing, Food Supply and Meatless Campaigns

Some modern campaigns against food waste harken back to the World Wars.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Wilson, Roosevelt, Obama – First Ladies Lead on Food

Edith Wilson and Eleanor Roosevelt steered the country through times of trouble by practicing what they preached.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Reducing Food Waste

Women, the World Wars and the Meatless Campaigns

Eating more vegetables and less meat became patriotic during the war.

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Food Policy & Governance

Food Policy Councils: Is There a Best Structure?

FPCs of all organizational types are converging around similar concepts and sharing similar language to discuss the food system.

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