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Reducing Food Waste

Thirty percent of our global food supply is lost or wasted, and the CLF is working to advance the Sustainable Development Goals target of halving that waste. We look at this issue through the lenses of public health, food systems, equity and environment. We use an interdisciplinary portfolio of qualitative and quantitative tools to research: policy and interventions (with particular attention to unintended consequences), food distribution and donation, consumer behavior, communications, quantification and seafood waste. We also engage in the policy, practice and communications activities necessary to translate evidence to real-world impact.

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Stories and Viewpoints


Governmental Plans to Address Waste of Food

The number of governmental plans addressing wasted food has dramatically increased since 2000.

Food Waste

The CLF Wasted Food Project aims to generate evidence that makes a meaningful contribution to the US and global goal of halving waste of food by 2030.

Seafood Waste & Resource Use

This study aims to understand the best opportunities for resource savings in seafood.


Explore Other Areas of Expertise

Strengthening Food System Resilience

Deploying research, policy and education to help food systems withstand and recover from crises and ensure a supply of safe, accessible food.

Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Exploring connections between diet, land use, soil health, air and water quality, biodiversity, and human health.

Food Systems & Climate Change

Exploring solutions and the role of the food system in slowing down and adapting to climate change.