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Household Food Security Status of Families with Children Attending Schools that Participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and Those with Children Attending Schools that are CEP-Eligible, but Not Participating

October 16, 2019
Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition

Susan Michelle, Tam Lynne Kelley, Marycatherine Augustyn, Michael J Wilson, Karen Bassarab & Anne Palmer

This study examined the association of household food security and school participation in the community eligibility provision (CEP). Surveys were collected from 427 households within 5 schools participating in CEP, and therefore providing access to universal free school meals, and three matched comparison district schools, which were CEP-eligible but not participating. Multivariate logistic regression, adjusted for race/ethnicity and education level, revealed that the odds of being in a food insecure household were twice as likely for students attending CEP-eligible, but not participating schools than for students attending CEP schools [OR 2.85 (95% CI 1.67, 4.88)].

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