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Food System Resilience: A Planning Guide for Local Governments

December 07, 2022
CLF Report

Elsie Moore, Erin Biehl, Meg Burke, Karen Bassarab, Caitlin Misiaszek, and Roni Neff

This planning guide aims to provide local governments with resources to build local food system resilience and to do so in a way that promotes an equitable and just food system. The primary audience for this planning guide is local government staff (e.g., planners, sustainability directors, food systems managers, emergency management staff, resilience managers, etc.) and policymakers who can develop and implement policies at the subnational level. While one entity, a government agency or office, may lead the food system resilience planning efforts outlined in this guide, many community partners will need to be involved. Effective food system resilience work requires meaningful collaboration with community partners and community members.

This guide is structured into six key modules:

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