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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Food Equity, Food System Change in Baltimore

Policy in Action: Bringing a Grocery Store to East Baltimore

This area of East Baltimore was one of the most entrenched food deserts in the city before the Save a Lot opened.

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Food Animal Production

China’s Changing Diet: How to Turn the Tide

Implications of the Chinese diet and how Meatless Monday can be a part of the process.

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Food Animal Production, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

China’s Changing Diet: Environment and Health Impacts

Local and global implications of the shifts in China—and how China’s health experts are responding.

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Food Animal Production, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

China’s Changing Diet: Meat and Dairy on the Rise

Local impacts, global implications, and promising solutions.

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Food System Change in Baltimore, Food Systems & Urbanization

Within Reason: Getting the Most from Urban Ag

Residents in lower-income communities fear (often rightfully so) that urban gardens will make their neighborhoods more attractive to developers and increase property values—which makes rents and property taxes go up.

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Food Policy & Governance

Structuring Your Food Policy Council

Organizational development is a dynamic process—re-evaluate and modify your organization to meet needs.

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Strengthening Food System Resilience

Favorite Foods: Reshaping the Resilience Conversation

By asking ourselves what foods we can’t live without, and then imagining a world without them, we can form a more constructive dialogue about both sustainability and resilience.

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Food Animal Production, Food Policy & Governance

In Annapolis Policymakers Claim to Protect Farmers, Protect Bay

The Farmers’ Rights Act would help Maryland lawmakers take meaningful steps toward protecting the region’s contract growers.

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Food Systems & Climate Change

A View from the COP21 Sidelines

If our world leaders think we will solve all of the problems we are already – and will increasingly be – experiencing as a result of climate change with simple public education or eco-tree benches, they’re delusional.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Food Systems & Climate Change

Meat, Paris, and Next Steps

According to the UN, livestock production is responsible for 14.5 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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