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Geospatial Food Environment Exposure and Obesity among Low Income Baltimore City Children: Associations Differ by Data Source and Processing Method

July 13, 2022
Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition

Kharmats AY, Corrigan AE Curriero, FC, Neff R, Caulfield L, Kennedy CE, Whitley J, Montazer JS, Hu L, Gittelsohn J.

Due to the high prevalence of childhood obesity, it is imperative to assess the relationship children’s access to food retailers and obesity. However, the influence of methodological decisions on these associations has been understudied. We examined relationships between different measures of geospatial food environment (using 4 data sources, and 2 data processing methods), and BMI in a sample of low-income children in Baltimore, Maryland. The choice of data sources and data processing methods produced large differences in estimates of children’s exposures to certain store types, such as supermarket-like stores, but had less impact on associations with BMI z-scores.