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Climate Change and Food Systems

More than ever, the world needs global collaboration and local action to keep global warming below a maximum increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius. The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future recognizes the critical role of the food system in this crisis—and asserts that agriculture and dietary change must be part of the transitions needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food. Based on scientific evidence, we advocate for a shift toward low-meat, plant-rich diets and the reduction of food waste, as well as investigation into adaptation and resilience strategies, including the refinement of emergency response plans and improved food security, especially for at-risk populations. Our work in this area includes research, outreach and communication activities.

Outreach and Events

Peer-Reviewed Publications

White papers and reports

Wasted Food

The CLF Wasted Food Project aims to generate evidence that makes a meaningful contribution to the US goal of halving waste of food by 2030.

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Food System Resilience

Our Food System Resilience Project aims to use research, policy and education to make sure that food systems are resilient.

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The Connections between Diet, People and Planet

Some ways that everyone can address health, environment and climate change at the table.

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