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Meatless Monday Resources

Health & Environmental Implications of U.S. Meat Consumption & Production

Reducing your intake of meat and animal products, particularly from industrial sources, can help protect your health, the health of the public, and the environment. Even a small change - like cutting meat from your diet once per week, as the Meatless Monday campaign suggests - can make a difference.

Meatless Monday in Food Service

Meatless Monday Case Studies 

From Meatless Monday

  • Check out Meatless Monday for recipes, news stories, toolkits, and other resources to get involved with the national campaign and global movement.

Meatless Monday turns 100!

2017 was the 100th year anniversary of World War I and the efforts that were influential in conserving much-needed food resources on the home front. The Monday Campaigns took the opportunity to look back at the history and the impacts that Meatless Monday has had over the last century and look forward to the next one.

Livable Future Blog

Over the years, we’ve written and curated many blogposts about Meatless Monday initiatives and supporting research. Check out our Meatless Monday contributions.

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