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Meatless Monday Resources

Health & Environmental Implications of U.S. Meat Consumption & Production

Reducing your intake of meat and animal products, particularly from industrial sources, can help protect your health, the health of the public, and the environment. Even a small change - like cutting meat from your diet once per week, as the Meatless Monday campaign suggests - can make a difference.

Meatless Monday Articles, Reports and Research

Meatless Monday in Food Service

Meatless Monday Webinars

Learn more through these three informative Meatless Monday webinars and videos, or browse our youtube channel for more.

From Meatless Monday and Partners

  • Meatless Monday Best Practices. Assessing the Implementation and Maintenance of Meatless Monday Initiatives in the U.S. (Arizona State University Swette Center)
  • Check out Meatless Monday for recipes, news stories, toolkits, and other resources to get involved with the national campaign and global movement.