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David Colquhoun

Fellowships Awarded: 2004, 2003

David Colquhoun is a second-year doctoral student in the School’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences. He earned his bachelor of science in microbiology from the University of Sunderland in England and his master of science from Michigan Technological University. His doctoral work will focus on using proteomics to analyze environmental pathogens associated with concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) by determining the source of microbial pathogens and how they move through the environment.

Colquhoun’s interests stem from a background in environmental microbiology and the interaction between micro-organisms, the environment and humans. Colquhoun is currently utilizing mass spectrometric techniques for the analysis of microbes released from concentrated animal feeding operations. The overall goal is to develop a method to better characterize the microbial burden associated with CAFOs and their waste streams. Colquhoun’s doctoral advisor is Rolf Halden, PhD, PE, assistant professor in Environmental Health Sciences.