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Celebrating 25+ Years of Food Systems Change

25th anniversary

The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future is celebrating more than 25 years of advocating for food system change and protecting the public’s health. The Center’s contributions in research, education, and practice support our mission to be a leader in building a healthy, just, equitable, and sustainable food system. In addition to bringing attention to the food system’s negative impacts on public health, the environment, and social equity, it also promotes policy actions to address such impacts and advance solutions.

As CLF moves forward, we continue to build on our history and strengths with a commitment to identify and integrate new and innovative approaches that foster real food system change.

Enjoy these stories and quotes commemorating the Center’s 25+ years as a leader in food systems change:

The Long View on Food System Reform. In this essay from our Global Thought Leader series, CLF’s founding director, Bob Lawrence, reflects on the Center’s success and the work still ahead of us.

Jess Fanzo


"There's a lot of climate-friendly technology where we can be more sustainable right now... It's not just a fantasy. It's possible."Jess Fanzo, 2020




Paolo di Croce


"The producers who bring us traditional foods can never compete with the big corporations on price,they will always lose on price—but they can compete on quality."Paolo di Croce, 2022




Nicolette Hahn Niman


"Nature always functions with plants, animals, and fungi—the three pillars. In soil biology, all three are incredibly important."Nicolette Hahn Niman, 2022






"Making the food system work and establishing a food system that produces the right things, in the right way, is a priority."Francesco Branca, 2020




Olivier De Schutter


"We need to urgently and radically move toward [localized food production, agroecology, and accountability]."Olivier De Schutter, 2011




Jay Naidoo


"Ecology has to be at the center of everything we do."Jay Naidoo, 2020





Will Allen


"If you can grow good soil, you can grow good food."Will Allen, 2012





Winona Laduke photo


"Biodiversity is necessary, as climate change wreaks havoc with food systems."Winona LaDuke,2012

Fred Kirschenmann
"There are more microbes in a single teaspoon of soil than there are humans on the planet, and they need to be fed."Fred Kirschenmann, 2017

Al Sommer


"We need larger coalitions that take in more points of view, even if we disagree with some of them. We need bigger tents, more tribes." Alfred Sommer, 2020

Wendell Berry
"Begin by giving careful attention to scale and form. Good care of land and people depends on arts, it depends on ways of making and caring."Wendell Berry, 2016
Malik Yakini,
"We need to reframe farming as honorable work. We need to reframe the work of farming as an act of self-determination." Malik Yakini, 2013

Alessandro Demaio
"Published science alone will not save us. We scientists must sideline our egos and get out of the echo chamber."Alessandro Demaio, 2019