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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Food System Change in Baltimore, Food Systems & Urbanization

Roadmap for a Successful Urban Farm: Cultivate Community Acceptance

Despite the best-laid plans and intentions, sometimes we fail to take into consideration what people really need and want.

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Food Animal Production, Food Policy & Governance

Who Protects the People Who Live Near Industrial Meat Operations?

Have you ever thought about the people who live near the sites where thousands or hundreds of thousands of animals are kept?

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Food Systems & Urbanization

CLF-Lerner Fellows Volunteer Day at Boone Street Farm

We braved the brisk-not-quite-freezing weather and warmed ourselves by planting, cleaning, weeding and performing other farm tasks.

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Food Systems & Urbanization

Raft to Plate: The Aquaponics Harvest

There’s a strategy to creating a harvest list.

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Seafood & the Food System

We Need to Talk About the Fish You Eat

Move over, salmon. Make way for sardines.

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Food Systems & Urbanization

The whole chain of events: CLF meets CTY

The 30 student participants, who spent the day exploring the US food system through a public health lens, are among the most advanced learners in the country.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries, Food Equity

Baltimore Montessori Students Get Down to Business

For their food system project, the students made pesto and hummus that they packaged and sold at the carpool lane, using entirely organic ingredients.

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Food Animal Production

Westminster HS students don’t duck responsibility for their food

Twenty-three students in an animal care and management class spent two months raising 10 Pekin ducks from tiny chicks to roughly eight-pound adults, and then cooked them and ate them.

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Food Equity

Franciscan Center Kicks Off Innovative Fresh Food Project

The Franciscan Center has made great strides in expanding its healthy food initiatives over the past few years.

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Strengthening Food System Resilience

Growing Justice (in Democracy-Deprived Detroit)

The poor, said Malik Yakini, become markets for cheap inferior goods sold by the rich, much like in colonized lands.

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