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Maya Braunstein, CLF Artist in Residence

About the Artist

Maya BraunsteinBALTIMORE—Jan. 6, 2020. Maya Braunstein is a Baltimore-based interdisciplinary designer serving an internship at the Center for a Livable Future. Maya created the individual pieces of art to illustrate the Center’s expertise in the research of areas surrounding the global food system. Hailing from New Jersey, she is a student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, studying graphic design. She expects to graduate in 2020. Braunstein strives to explore her identity and experiences as a black woman through her art and design practice.


About the Art

Food Animal Production
This illustration represents the Center’s work on issues surrounding industrial food animal production. I was inspired by the Center’s research in 2012, which looked at feather meal to discover the use of banned antibiotics in poultry production.



Seafood System
This illustration represents our seafood system, taking  inspiration from schools of fish in fish farms. 



Food system and climate change
An abstract representation of permaculture farming created to represent a positive connection between food systems and climate change.



Urban farming
Positive food system change is happening right now in Baltimore. This illustration represents urban farming within the City.



Global climate change
Global climate change will affect every part of our lives, including the food system. This piece is an abstract representation of melt pools on the polar ice caps.



wasted food
Nearly one third of the food produced in the world is wasted. These “ugly” carrots represent an example of produce that shouldn’t be wasted.



Food System Urbanization
This illustration represents food systems and urbanization, and was inspired by truck and freight imagery to show one way that
food is brought into urban environments.


Food Equity
Creating maps of food environments can help us better understand issues of equity, such as food access and availability. This illustration was inspired by the Maryland Food System Map.


Diet Health Planetary Boundaries
Soil health is the inspiration behind this depiction of Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries.
Food Policy Governance
This illustration of Food Policy & Governance uses flags representing imaginary countries and evokes the United Nations.