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BSPH Courses

CLF teaches a series of online and onsite courses at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Search the BSPH course directory for the most updated course information.

1st term

Introduction to Food Systems and Public Health (180.620)
Keeve Nachman, Bob Lawrence, Polly Walker, Pamela Rhubart Berg
Online (4 credits)

2nd term

Food Systems Practicum (180.605)
Phil McNab
Bloomberg School/East Baltimore campus (4 credits)

Food System Resilience to Disasters: COVID-19, Climate Change, and Beyond (180.644)
Roni Neff
Online (2 credits)

3rd term

Seafood and Public Health: Global Trade, Nutrition, and the Environment (180.635)
Dave Love, Andrew Thorne-Lyman, Liz Nussbaumer
Online (3 credits)

4th term

Baltimore Food Systems: A Case Study of Urban Food Environments (180.655)
Roni Neff
Bloomberg School/East Baltimore campus (4 credits)

Case Studies in Food Production and Public Health (180.606)
Keeve Nachman, Brent Kim
Online (4 Credits)