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Bernard Rollin Speaks on Animal Pain

July 18, 2011

Internationally renowned scholar Bernard Rollin, PhD, gave an engaging seminar on Animal Pain: What it is and Why it Matters, at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, followed by a signing of his most recent book, Putting the Horse Before Descartes: My Life’s Work on Behalf of Animals. Dr. Rollin was invited to the School by the Center for Alternatives for Animal Testing and the Center for a Livable Future to discuss his efforts to legally mandate more humane conditions for agricultural and laboratory animals.

Dr. Rollin is a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biomedical Sciences, and Animal Sciences and University Bioethicist at Colorado State University. Author of more than five hundred articles and seventeen books, he developed the world’s first courses in veterinary medical ethics, and ethical issues in animal science.

Dr. Rollin has served on the Pew National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, as well as the Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources Council of the National Academy of Sciences. He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Shomer Award, given by the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics to individuals who make significant contributions to veterinary medical ethics; the Henry Spira Award for Animal Welfare from the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing; and the U.S. West Excellence in Education Award. He is principle author of the 1985 Animal Welfare Act and an international voice in animal-use ethics.