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Pamela Rhubart Berg

111 Market Place, Suite 840, Baltimore MD 21202

Academic Program Manager

Pam has been at the Center for a Livable Future since she came on as a research assistant in 2002. Pam's first meeting at the Center, as an MPH student researching topics for her thesis, turned into a job coordinating the school's role as science advisers to the national Meatless Monday campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, when Pam mentioned Meatless Monday, people weren't sure what it was. Now they say, "Oh, I've heard of that!" she says.

Her current role directing the Center’s Education Program spans multiple education and outreach activities, with the goal of communicating the issues the Center works on to a variety of audiences. From her home office near Chicago she manages the Center's online course, "Food Systems and  Public Health " , a certificate program  and MPH concentration in Food Systems. She is also focused on building education programs and resources to reach beyond students at JHSPH, including a free online course offered through Coursera and the Center’s Food System Lab at Cylburn urban teaching farm. 

Pam says that public health students and the general public have shown increased interest in the Center's work following the popular success of books and documentaries on the food system in recent years. By capitalizing on this momentum, public health professionals could help to achieve real changes in consumer behavior as well as nutrition and agriculture policy. She says that, as a society, we need to do a better job balancing our needs for today and tomorrow.  She hopes we can soon reach a tipping point where all people (today and in the future) have three healthy meals each day.