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Kinyasha Session

111 Market Place, Suite 840, Baltimore MD 21202

Budget Analyst

Kinyásha joined the Center for a Livable Future in 2016 as a budget specialist, bringing many years of experience as a specialist in both accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as experience in customer service. Some of her previous employers include Advanced Radiology, Verizon Wireless and Provident Bank.

Although she never liked math in school, Kinyásha eventually learned that she has a way with numbers, and she’s found her way into budget and finance positions. At CLF she enjoys the fact that she’s always busy. “There’s always something going on,” she says, “always something to learn.” It’s the “Eureka” moments, when she finally solves a problem, that make her day.

Kinyásha has always been careful about the food she brings into her home. With a daughter who is allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, she’s in the habit of reading food labels and investigating where her family’s food comes from. Working at CLF has further sparked her interest in discovering more about the food system. “It’s really cool that I’m learning how to take even better care of my family,” she says.

She says she’s thinking about starting a home compost program, as well. “I don’t know what I’ll do with it,” she says, “but we’ll figure that out.”