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The Prince’s Speech’ Given to All New JHSPH Students

Aug 30, 2012

book cover“On the Future of Food,” an elegant and thought-provoking book written by Prince Charles of Wales, has been given to all new students entering the Bloomberg School of Public Health this Fall courtesy of the Center for a Livable Future. The 46-page book highlights an essay based on a speech that His Royal Highness delivered at an international food conference at Georgetown University in 2011. The book poses many questions about the current food system and outlines a plan to bring agriculture into harmony with ecology, including human ecology. The books were donated to the Center by a private foundation and 775 copies were given to students via a range of methods, such as welcome packages, hand delivery at department events.

Each book was accompanied by a short letter from CLF director Dr. Robert S. Lawrence. “We hope the book will introduce students to issues of food production, public health and the interdisciplinary nature of CLF,” said Lawrence. Dr. Lawrence’s letter also provided a list of opportunities for students who want to get involved in CLF’s efforts to research and work toward solving problems of food production, diet and nutrition, the environment and human health.