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Viewpoints features essays and interviews by the Center for a Livable Future’s staff, faculty, fellows and other affiliates. These opinions are opinions—not  representations of the Center’s priorities, activities or stances.


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Food Systems & Climate Change

An Ethanol Timeline: How We Got Here

Since 1826, ethanol has been of interest to entrepreneurs and agriculturists as a possible alternate fuel.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Peak Oil, Food Systems, Irene, Debt and Deadlines

Hurricane Irene caused major disruptions, but nothing like what could occur as oil prices rise into the stratosphere.

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Food Animal Production, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Hey, USDA, Who’s Your Daddy?

This is a disturbing example of the animal agro-industry’s influence at the USDA.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Food Animal Production, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Carnivores and Climate Change

The carbon footprint of beef is 24.5 times higher than that for tomatoes.

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Food Systems & Climate Change

100 years of artificial nitrogen – but how many left?

The Haber-Bosch process and industrial nitrogen fixation.

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Food Animal Production

Response to the President of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association: Use of Roxarsone in poultry and swine feed defies “sustainability"

The dangers to human health associated with roxarsone use are paired with negligible benefits to the producer, even net losses.

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