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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Food Equity, Food Policy & Governance

Policy expert Mark Winne has watched food movement grow up

There has been an explosive growth in food policy councils in the US.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Book aims to fast-track transition to sustainable world

Our CLF contribution was in the area of sustainable agriculture

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Food Policy & Governance

Feeding the World, or What We Talk About When We Talk About Rio+20

A transition to lower-meat diets would free up a lot of cropland for fruits, vegetables, and grains, which will be the key to feeding 9 billion on a crowded planet.

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Seafood & the Food System

Grocery Store Shrimp Contains Drug Resistant Bacteria

Imported shrimp are the most common seafood product to contain antibiotic residues, and testing of imported seafood is inadequate.

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Food Policy & Governance, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Senators, let’s tie “soil insurance” to crop insurance

The current version of the bill has an important gap in conservation requirements.

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Food Equity

A Winona LaDuke Reader

An environmentalist, farmer, activist, writer, and advocate for native communities, LaDuke is a force to be reckoned with.

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Food Equity, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Will Allen: Gentleman farmer, grand thinker

Allen is not just growing food, he is helping to grow community.

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Food Animal Production

The Science Is Clear: Antibiotic Resistance and Food Animal Production

“To tell you the truth,” said Rep. Louise Slaughter (D–NY), “I’m pretty angry about this whole subject."

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Food Equity, Food Systems & Climate Change, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

The Will Allen Index: Growing Power to the People

The son of a sharecropper, Mr. Allen swore as a young man that he’d never return to farming—now he’s the CEO of a Milwaukee-based community food center.

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Food Equity

Field Trip Day

At NAFCO Seafood, Inc., we listened to Jeff explain how NAFCO supplies the entire northeast coast with recognizable, affordable fish that appeal to average Americans.

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