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Find out how the CLF is engaged in positive food systems change.

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Food Systems & Urbanization

In Search of Baltimore Foragers

The study combines face-to-face interviews and a computer-assisted survey to gather information from urban gardeners, farmers, and foragers.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Every Day is Halloween

Documentary producer Laurie David joined us for a special screening of Fed Up, which explores the obesity crisis in America.

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Strengthening Food System Resilience

Food Policy Leadership in Maryland

There was a palatable buzz in the dining area.

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Seafood & the Food System, Food Systems & Urbanization

Exploring the Food System with CTY

Plants grow in water? Yes! Fish waste can be used as fertilizer? Yes!

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Food System Change in Baltimore, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Urban Farms and the Lawyers Who Help Them

As soon as the spade hits the soil, there are issues best addressed by an attorney.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

The Cover Up

Cover crops break up compaction, provide wildlife habitat, and build soil organic matter.

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Food Systems & Climate Change, Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

New book hammers home a historical truth: Rachel Carson didn’t act alone

Musil brings alive the women who inspired Carson’s interest in conservation and environmental health.

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Seafood & the Food System

Gone Fishin’: The Tilapia Harvest

The fish harvest is a quick and simple process.

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Diet, Health & Planetary Boundaries

Dietitians Get New Resource for Food Systems Approach

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics published a new set of Standards of Professional Performance in Sustainable, Resilient, and Healthy Food and Water Systems.

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Food System Change in Baltimore, Food Systems & Urbanization

Roadmap for a Successful Urban Farm: Cultivate Community Acceptance

Despite the best-laid plans and intentions, sometimes we fail to take into consideration what people really need and want.

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